Relational Conversations with Food

Relational Conversations with Food

Dear Food

My relationship with you determines my health
It even affects how I feel about myself
I want to be able to trust you,
knowing that you have my best interest at heart
knowing that you are pure
that you are who you say you are
and not something else

I want to feel good about our relationship
I don't want to feel guilty about you
or doubting your true nature

I want to know you for who you are
not coloured and flavoured with fake things
hiding your true identity

I don't want you to hide bad things inside of you
things that can mess with my hormones
or harm my gut
or spike my insulin
or damage my brain or my veins
or my glands or my eyes

I don't want you tricking me
into having more of you than I should
storing the excess as fat
making me feel dull
and lazy
and energyless

If I abused you as a crutch
and only used you for emotional comfort
I'm sorry
I'm changing this today

Share your goodness with me
so that we can enjoy life
so that I can see you regularly
so that I would never have te recover from you

I can choose to love you
if you would also treat me with love

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