How a BIG number of South Africans are being set up for Failure.

How a BIG number of South Africans are being set up for Failure.

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Psychiatrists calls it internal versus external locus of control ... Studies have found that an "internal locus" of control leads to success.

Plainly it says that successful people BELIEVE that THEY control the outcome of things (by their attitude, decisions and actions) while Losers BELIEVE that they are controlled BY events and circumstances beyond their control. The keyword here is "believe".

Internal locus is the mode of Overcomers and Victors, while External locus of control is the mode of Victims.

Why do we suffer or struggle in Life ? Do you realize that EVERYBODY suffers and struggles in life ?
... be it financially, emotionally, physically, mentally, socially or spiritually ...

... Is it perhaps for us to have an OPPORTUNITY to BECOME OVERCOMERS and VICTORS in every aspect of our lives ?

By blaming ANY OUTSIDE THING for MY suffering or MY struggle I am CREATING a MINDSET-JAIL. This locked jail separates me from the blessings around me.

How can an external locus of control (blaming and being a victim) LOCK ME OUT from the blessings IN FRONT of me ? Well simply because it BLINDs me from recognizing the opportunities AROUND. It HIDES from me the POWER that MY ATTITUDE, MY CHOICES & MY ACTIONS have to ... either bless me ... or curse me.

Things like the past, apartheid, our parents, injustices, missed opportunities, lack of opportunities, mistreatment, racism, etc. are OUTSIDE focuses ... they are BLINDERS. Don't let them keep you captive. Think about the following:

  • One injustice can not be fixed with another.
  • Prosperity can not be taken - it must be created.
  • Life is not fair - but God IS !
  • What we sow we will reap.
  • A self righteous man can not be teached.
  • Growth is preceded by humbleness.

These are universal "True North Principles" by which we all stand or fall.

Somewhere Somebody once said: I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live.

Let me accountable today for my own life and let my heart (thoughts, actions and attitude ) be found beautiful in God's eyes.

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